Trademark Application Filing Fees & International Class Numbers

RJ Cherpak talks about Trademark Application Filing Fees & International Class Numbers

Trademark Application Filing Fees & International Class Numbers

TEAS plus applications from the USPTO are the least expensive applications you can file, which cost $225 per class. However, it depends on the class number that the class falls under. So, if there are certain sub-classes, there won’t be any additional expense. Additional fees are only incurred when products have different international class numbers. For example, if you are a private label seller applying for a trademark for t-shirts and hats, both of these fall under the same international class number. That cost would be $225.

But, say you are including a class for golf balls on your trademark application, and also want to include a class for golf ball washing machines, these would fall under two different international class numbers and therefore, it will be more expensive to file, which would be $450.

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