Suing the NFL for Baseless Complaints


We are suing the Dallas Cowboys for making totally baseless complaints against one of our sellers who lost a boatload of money, and he’s not going to take it.

So, by the time you are seeing this, this law firm has sued the National Football League, the Dallas Cowboys, and the NFL players association for making 100% baseless IP complaints against one of our clients.


Have you been falsely accused of selling counterfeit products?
You may be entitled to significant damages.

When brands assert false counterfeit complaints against sellers, sellers may be entitled to recover damages against the brands that asserted the false counterfeit complaints.

Just like how we are suing the NFL for baseless complaints made about our client, if you have been falsely accused of selling counterfeit products, WE want to talk to YOU.

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Our law firm is geared towards intellectual property and brand protection for the ecommerce marketplace.

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