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Stopping counterfeit products from being sold by unlicensed sellers.


When a band hires us, the first thing we do is identify the rights that the band owns including rights that have been filed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office as well as rights that are owned by simply having created the song or the artwork. Even the names of the songs and a band’s lyrics may be protected without the band having done anything at all except create their music.

Our second step is to input your intellectual property rights into our software system, so we can monitor for unauthorized sales.

Then, we send legal cease and desist letters to all of the unauthorized sellers of the bands’ merchandise. We anticipate this resulting in over 50% of the counterfeiters stopping their sales. We use the information that we have as the leading law firm when it comes to online sellers to help bands protect themselves against counterfeit merchandise.

For sellers who refuse to remove the merchandise after receiving our cease and desist letters, we submit complaints to Amazon, Etsy, or wherever they are selling to get the website or what we call, the platform, to take down those counterfeit sellers.

We also recommend and provide efficient pricing for bands and musicians to file for trademark protection and copyright protection with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

We follow the application process and we provide bands and musicians with periodic status reports regarding counterfeiters and their applications for trademark and copyright protection.

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IP Legal Workflow

Merchandise Protection Attorneys

How our law firm handles IP cases:
  1. Identify ID rights owned and what should be filed with the USPTO
  2. Notify client with anticipated filing costs
  3. Place brand on monitoring
  4. C&Ds
  5. DMCA / Complaints / Take Downs
  6. File TMs / Copyright Office
  7. Follow USPTO Apps
  8. Status report sent with request for update on client creations
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  • Heavy Metal Merchant would like to thank CJ and his legal firm for taking action in keeping online marketplaces clean from bootleg music merchandise.

    David Harrison Heavy Metal Merchant
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