brand protection attorney

brand protection attorney


Filing a lawsuit against infringing or unauthorized sellers is typically a last resort that is only advisable when there are no other options available and the brand or IP owner’s harm is too significant to ignore.


When lawsuits are filed, we use the power of court orders to freeze the defendant’s assets, force e-commerce platforms to remove their content, and ultimately, obtain damages for our client’s financial harm.


The Amazon platform is far from perfect, and unauthorized seller removal is typically an ongoing process.

Our experience dictates that regular enforcement is the best way to deter unauthorized sellers, and this remains true.

Regular monitoring of your listings is key to ensure that newly identified unauthorized sellers are promptly addressed, investigated and ultimately removed from your listings. That is what we are here for.

Our processes are typically front loaded as the initial removal efforts normally require the most amount of time and effort. However, as we are successful and sellers are removed, our efforts usually become less time intensive and transition into the monitoring phase.

Ultimately, we aim for total removal of unauthorized sellers, but the nature of the Amazon platform makes that close to impossible.

Still, our ongoing monitoring and swift removal process for newly identified sellers ensures that your brand and sales always remain protected at the highest level possible. Again, the results speak for themselves – we only have happy clients!

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