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Inside Information for Brand Managers from Amazon Brand Registry Staff in India


In order for our team to be the world’s best at brand protection when it specifically comes to your products on Amazon, I went to India & met with dozens of Amazon staff.


When I talked to the people in the brand registry department, I learned a lot of things…


One, I learned that their responses to you are almost always based upon various scripts.


You say certain things, they have certain responses.


If you email them certain things, they have a list of blurbs to pick in order to email you back. It’s very, very structured.


But what I also learned is that each and every one of the brand registry team members over at Amazon also has the ability to improve Amazon’s responses to brand owners.


What does this mean? What are the takeaways then for brand managers?


Number one, if you treat them with respect and you treat them professionally, you are more likely to get a result that’s helpful to your brand.


Just like you would any other professional involved in protecting your brand’s rights, you need to treat Amazon staff in India with the utmost respect and courtesy.


Generally, they’re younger people, all the ones that I met are college graduates, and they’re trying to do the right thing both for Amazon and also for the brand.


The second takeaway is that you can empower them to improve Amazon’s system.


And this is something that they strive to do. I’ve learned that beginning with the interview process, Amazon’s 14 leadership principles are absolutely ingrained into these young employees.



So, in spite of that, if you give them the ability to take responsibility, to take on a leadership role, and improve Amazon’s system, they will often take the ball and run with it.



This is what I learned, particularly when it comes to brand registry.

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