False utility patent complaints on AMZ sellers of Philips toothbrush heads.

Announcement for Sellers of Replacement Toothbrush Heads on Amazon

An unknown individual using the email address ip@brandprotection.org has been filing false utility patent complaints on Amazon against seller listings for private label brand replacement parts for Philips brand electric toothbrushes.

The anonymous complainant is specifically reporting sellers for infringing utility patent US20130333126A1 which is assigned to KONINKLIJKE PHILIPS ELECTRONICS N.V. These complaints are 100% false.

False utility patent complaints on AMZ sellers of Philips toothbrush headsWhile Philips does use a third-party brand protection firm (react.org) to enforce their intellectual property on Amazon, it has been confirmed that Philips has no association with ip@brandprotection.org. As such, by filing their complaints on Amazon, ip@brandprotection.org has falsely claimed that they are the rights owner, or an authorized agent of the rights owner, for the Philips patent they claimed was infringed.

To our knowledge, ip@brandprotection.org has never responded to any seller attempts of contact. While Amazon will not easily overturn valid patent infringement complaints without a court order or a retraction from the rights owner, in this case, ip@brandprotection.org is not the rights owner.

Amazon sellers that have received a spoofed complaint from ip@brandprotection.org – be aware that the complaint is 100% false, and our firm can likely help resolve the matter.

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