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Everything you say,
all information
that you disclose,
any business practices
that are discussed,
are 100% confidential
by law under the
Attorney-Client Privilege.

Attorney-Client Confidentiality

Your information is safe when you contact us.

When an Amazon seller calls us to help with a suspended account, to defend them against intellectual property right allegations or any other issues, every seller who contacts us is entitled to and receives the safety of the Attorney-Client Privilege. Sellers do not have to worry that we will use information about their products, their listings or any other information they provide against them or to compete with them. Nobody who works at our law firm is permitted to become an Amazon seller.

CJ Rosenbaum

Live Events with CJ Rosenbaum

CJ Rosenbaum has addressed an incredible amount of online sellers all over the world… in excess of 20,000 sellers over the past few years alone.

Domestically in the United States, he has spoken at the Prosper Show, Midwest Ecom, Retail Global, SCOE, ASD, eCom Chicago, and other events for sellers. Internationally, CJ regularly speaks at the Global Sources events hosted in Hong Kong, and other ecommerce events across China in Yiwu and Shenzhen.


New York – Shenzhen – Yiwu – Hongzhou – Australia

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