Registering Your Brand’s Marks

Trademark & Copyright Registration Trademarks serve a dual purpose. First, trademarks protect customers. Trademarks assure customers of the quality of the product they purchase. Second, [...]

Music Licensing

There are numerous incredibly talented musical artists in the world. There are far fewer financially successful ones. One of the most painful truths that I learned in my youth was that the [...]

Copyright Protection

Copyright law exists to protect creators of original creative works. Generally, copyright is easier to obtain than a trademark. There is only one type of application, which is submitted to the [...]

Reporting IP Infringement on Etsy

Brand Protection for Musicians’ Merchandise on Etsy Intellectual property law can be confusing but knowing the law can help you protect your brand when selling online. As a venue for artists, [...]

Copyright and Musical Artists

No artist during the grueling process of creating music has ever thought, “I should really register the copyright on my works to protect them from being stolen.” There are several [...]

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