brand protection attorney

brand protection attorney

Amazon Neutral Patent Evaluation Program

Amazon has an incredibly unique process for handling Patent disputes on In 2019, Amazon introduced the Amazon Neutral Patent Evaluation Program. While initially limited to only utility patents, today Amazon Neutral Patent Evaluation is available to enforce claims for both Utility and Design patent infringement.


As far as we are aware, no law firm has handled as many Amazon Neutral Patent Evaluations as Rosenbaum, Famularo & Segall. We have unparalleled insight and a natural understanding of Amazon’s rules, how patent evaluators analyze patent claims and of course, the relevant patent law.


Patent owners must choose to work with firms that have an understanding of both Amazon and patent law. Moving forward with a firm having mutually exclusive experience in patent law, but none with Amazon serves as a disadvantage to the patent owner. Our legal team can handle every aspect of patent disputes on Amazon and is comprised of individuals with decades of experience litigating, filing, and disputing patent claims as well as others focused solely on the Amazon platform for as long as it has existed. We provide the best of both worlds to our client to ensure the best results possible.

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