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brand protection attorney

Alibaba IPP Portal

What is the Alibaba IPP Portal?

The Alibaba Intellectual Property Protection (“IPP) Portal is the Alibaba platform used for rights owners to report infringement. The platform is not limited to Alibaba and allows rights owners to submit claims against infringing listings on Alibaba, AliExpress, Taobao, TMALL, and others.

Who is Eligible for the Alibaba IPP Portal?

Both rights owners or their authorized representatives are permitted to use the Alibaba IPP portal. Regardless of the user, the Alibaba IPP portal requires submission of several documents to verify the rights owner and the authority of the user to enforce their rights. Typically, a copy of the intellectual property registration and a power of attorney agreement are required at a minimum. The Alibaba IPP portal allows registration for intellectual property registrations from multiple jurisdictions all over the world for trademark, copyright, patent, and design patent claims.

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