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Robert Segall

Robert Segall is a Partner & Managing Attorney of the Arbitration & Brand Protection practices at Rosenbaum Famularo Segall, PC. He has helped over 250 brands grow and succeed online. Furthermore, he has focused on IP protection exclusively for nearly a decade. Robert’s background and experience with both corporate finance and e-commerce provide him with unique insight into the needs of brands and intellectual property owners and allows him to efficiently identify and serve clients’ needs.


CJ Rosenbaum is the founding Partner of Rosenbaum Famularo, PC, law firm behind Prior to focusing on suspended Amazon sellers and intellectual property issues, CJ’s professional history includes:


> Litigating cases against some of the largest corporations in the world: McDonalds, Sears, Kentucky Fried Chicken, many insurance companies.

> In NYC, obtaining redress for his clients against the NYPD, the NYC Housing Department, the NYC Health and Hospitals Corp., and other behemoths.
Representing clients in the internet, finance, health and entertainment industries.

> Holding executive and leadership roles in the NYS Bar Association and the National American Association for Justice.

> Teaching other lawyers how to try cases in New York, Chicago, Montreal, Maryland, Florida and Los Angeles.

Anthony Famularo

Anthony Famularo is a Co-Founder, Partner and Managing Attorney at the law firm of Rosenbaum Famularo Segall, P.C., the only law firm in the US that focuses on the needs of Amazon sellers and their brands. He has been with the firm since it was founded and has been involved in resolving thousands of ASIN and Account suspensions for Amazon Sellers of all sizes. Based on his success resolving their buyer and rights owner complaints (and other Amazon suspension issues), Sellers then looked to Anthony and our firm to help them develop and protect their own brands and related intellectual property rights for enforcement on the Amazon platform.



Anthony manages our firm’s case management infrastructure to ensure everything we do results in the highest probability of success based on our prior experience with Amazon and all other platforms. His knowledge and experience with what he has seen other brands do improperly (including the reputational and legal risks of a “scorched earth” enforcement policy) and how other brands have failed to establish an adequate basis for their claims (such as only establishing illusory quality controls) ensures our clients enforce their intellectual property in the most efficient and effective, while least harmful manner.

rosenbaum famularo segall

Our method of practice protecting brands focuses on amicable resolutions. We never rush to hurt another seller / business or rush into court. Our goal is to protect our clients’ interests & promote ecommerce business.

Helping Online Businesses Worldwide – Our law firm works with a network of lawyers globally to protect your intellectual property rights around the world. Our main offices are in Long Beach, New York, Shenzhen & Yiwu, China.


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