The Travel Goods Show

March 4 & 5, 2020 in New Orleans, LA. JOIN CJ AT THE TRAVEL GOODS SHOW: THE WORLD’S BEST TRAVEL GOODS SHOWCASE Discover the newest, most innovative and sought-after travel products in the [...]

Fair Use of Another’s Trademark

“Fair Use” is the use of someone else’s trademark in a way that will not subject the user to liability for infringing the owner’s rights. Fair use is a defense to a claim of trademark [...]

Trade Dress Explained for Sellers

Trade Dress Explained for Sellers: Trade dress is a form of intellectual property that is protected under the Lanham Act and has been defined by the Supreme Court as the “total image and overall [...]

Suing the NFL for Baseless Complaints

SUING THE NFL FOR BASELESS COMPLAINTS We are suing the Dallas Cowboys for making totally baseless complaints against one of our sellers who lost a boatload of money, and he’s not going to take [...]