Registering Your Brand’s Marks

Trademark & Copyright Registration Trademarks serve a dual purpose. First, trademarks protect customers. Trademarks assure customers of the quality of the product they purchase. Second, [...]

Music Licensing

There are numerous incredibly talented musical artists in the world. There are far fewer financially successful ones. One of the most painful truths that I learned in my youth was that the [...]

Creating Brand Names & Logos

Solid visual branding is a foundational block to protecting your brand overall. Starting and growing a business can be difficult, but with the right plan and knowledge, your brand can be [...]

Copyright Protection

Copyright law exists to protect creators of original creative works. Generally, copyright is easier to obtain than a trademark. There is only one type of application, which is submitted to the [...]

Katy Perry Trademark Protection

A prominent issue for famous performing artists is counterfeit merchandise being sold outside of their concerts. In today’s world, digital streaming services such as spotify and pandora have made [...]

Black Sabbath: Iron Man of Law

It is always good to be paranoid when you are a part of a famous rock band. Anthony Iommi, former member of Black Sabbath, sues Live Nation, Inc. for trademark infringement, trademark dilution [...]

Reporting IP Infringement on Etsy

Brand Protection for Musicians’ Merchandise on Etsy Intellectual property law can be confusing but knowing the law can help you protect your brand when selling online. As a venue for artists, [...]

Hey Seller! Leave My Trademark Alone

Pink Floyd (1987) Limited is the business entity for the iconic band Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd has been in existence since 1965 and been in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame since 1996. Since the [...]

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