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Brand protection attorneys for the global ecommerce marketplace.


Helping businesses control online sales, grow their brands, and protect against counterfeiters.

We help clients eliminate unauthorized sellers by removing products, seizing proceeds, and pursuing enforcement directly against counterfeiters until they stop selling infringing products.

Under the rights of intellectual property, a seller can file for copyright, trademarks and patents to protect their work. All of this information is very useful for the modern seller, whether on Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Alibaba, or any other ecommerce platform. You should know your rights and how to obtain and maintain them.

When a brand is established, it is highly important to protect it, as it is now easier than ever for counterfeiters to sell unauthorized products online. As technology evolves, and your brand increases its popularity, there is a higher risk for infringement on copyright, trademark, or patents. Additionally, if a brand doesn’t use IP protection, they may miss out on a substantial source of revenue, as other individuals have the right to use the brand’s information to sell for themselves.


When a counterfeiter refuses to amicably stop selling counterfeit merchandise, we file intellectual property right violation complaints on Amazon to obtain Amazon’s removal of the counterfeit merchandise. Often, Amazon will not only remove the counterfeiter’s ability to sell your merchandise, they will suspend the counterfeiter’s entire Seller’s Account. The counterfeiter’s entire business will be stopped. Unlike other online market places, Amazon makes it very easy to remove counterfeiters. We have extensive experience working with Amazon issues.


When a seller refuses to comply with our cease and desist letter, we can remove their counterfeit merchandise through Bonanza’s Brand Protection Program which is by invitation only. Essentially, once we locate an infringing item, we can simply click a button that flags sellers for infringement. The item is then automatically removed and Bonanza may even suspend the seller’s account. We have had tremendous success in removing infringing sellers from the Bonanza platform.


If a seller does not remove their counterfeit merchandise, we file intellectual property complaints through the Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) program to remove the infringing content. As we are experienced in drafting Notices of Claimed Infringement and Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Takedown Notices, we have been very successful in removing infringing material from the eBay platform.


As Etsy is a large venue for artists, designers, and creators, it is another lucrative platform for bands to sell their merchandise. Often, once informed of the relevant intellectual property laws, sellers agree to remove their infringing content immediately after receiving our cease and desist notice. If necessary, we file the appropriate intellectual property complaint on Etsy. Generally, Etsy acts expeditiously in disabling access to the infringing material.

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IP Legal Workflow

Brand Protection Attorneys

How our law firm handles IP cases:
  1. Identify IP rights owned, what should be filed with the USPTO
  2. Notify client with anticipated filing costs
  3. Place brand on monitoring
  4. Identify infringing products & unauthorized sellers
  5. Send Cease & Desist letters (electronic / physical)
  6. DMCA / Complaints / Take Downs
  7. File TMs / Copyright Office / Follow USPTO Apps
  8. Status report sent with request for update on client creations
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