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Under the rights of intellectual property, a Seller can file for copyright, trademarks and patents.

All of this information is very useful for the modern Seller; whether on Amazon, Etsy, ebay, Alibaba, or another platform, you should know your rights and how to obtain and maintain them.

Brand protection is useful when an individual or company has established itself in their given field, creating products that fall under their brand. When a brand is established, it is highly important to protect this brand, as it is now an umbrella for many parts of the operation. It is important to protect because as the brand begins to gain traction, with their increasing popularity, there is a higher risk for infringement on copyright, trademark, or patents. Additionally, if a brand does not use these avenues for protection, they may miss out on a substantial source of revenue, as without this protection, other individuals have the right to use the brand’s information to sell for themselves.

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